Nico. 22. London

Still body now, no movement yet
Five men lie die flat on their back
Were they born to lie in state
Defend the ever stagnate great?

Jamie Carragher y Sami Hyypia del Liverpool 2004/05.

Sami has all the ingredients to become a great coach. The only problem is that at some point he will go to Liverpool. This is his dream.


St Pauli display against homophobia

Fucking love this club and it’s supporters. 

Awake for 4 hours, and I’m already sick of hearing about Thatcher. Slate, Feministing and Jezebel have put up posts “celebrating” her. This was a woman who called feminism a poison, who did nothing to help support working mothers, whose policies crushed the working class, who supported apartheid, who despised homosexuality.
If one more person says we should show her some respect I am going to lose it. I don’t respect Sarah Palin just because she’s a woman, and if Thatcher were a politician today, the people saying we should respect her would be raging against her.
Someone doesn’t earn respect by dying. It’s not like she respected the dead. She was more than happy to cover up police responsibility in the 96 deaths at Hillsborough.
We can recognize that she accomplished a great feat by being a woman elected Prime Minister, without pretending that she was a great woman.